All things Wheel of Fortune!

What happens when our popular Snap Cheats brand meets Wheel of Fortune Free Play?  Magic: Watch how Snap Cheats works with Wheel of Fortune.

(iPhone / iPad) So easy, it’s scary. Just take a screenshot of Wheel of Fortune Free Play and the Snap Cheats solver does the rest. The app automatically scans the puzzle and detects guessed letters to show concise word suggestions. It then analyzes the solutions to show you the best letter to play for the most possible points.

Download Snap Cheats for Wheel of Fortune (iOS)

Android users can find our classic Wheel of Fortune cheat app, Wheel & Phrase Cheat. Like our other cheat suites, it comes complete with an overlay for playing on top of multiple Wheel-alike games. It even features a full list of known puzzle answers sorted into categories from the television show!

But that’s not all! We’ve been busy expanding our cheat tools to the web as well. Not only can you find our excellent Wheel of Fortune solver over at but you can find our famous word game solvers for Words With FriendsWordfeudScrabble, and even Word Chums!


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