Wordimals is available for Beta Testing!

Play Wordimals Now! 

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Our lastest game: Wordimals is now available for beta testing!

Wordimals is a fast-paced word game that challengers users to find the words related to the given theme. But wait — you only have 30 seconds! Can you find all the words and beat the clock?

Don’t worry: you have the option to buy a hint or extra time with your hard-earned coins! For those of you that don’t like going in order: we’ve given you keys so YOU can choose your next level!

With different categories, tons of levels, and did we mention the adorable animals? Wordimals is a word game you won’t want to miss.

Join the fun and play Wordimals today: http://www.wordimalsgame.com



  1. I really appreciate word breaker. But every once in awhile your ad for “mobile strike” locks up. I have to delete the app and reinstall. I am sure they are paying u a crap load of money but this turns me off. Please fix this

    1. Hi Gayla,
      You are not the first person to tell us this. We have made a note of it and will be talking to our ad providers to have it taken care of as soon as possible.

      Thank you for using our app, and letting us know. We are always happy to hear from our users. 🙂

      -Firecracker Software

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