Your favorite Clash Mini Companion now has an app!

New Clash Mini App by Noff

The awesome tools for Clash Mini on NoFF.GG now comes in a dedicated app! You can now effortlessly look at unit stats, pro decks, and strategies to help you outplay your opponents and reach the top. Think you have a good deck of your own that you would like to share? With our deck builder, you can create and share your own decks to help out other members in the community!

Do you want specific details about units? Our app makes looking up unit abilities, stats, and counters an absolute breeze! From unit range to DPS, we deliver all of the information you could ever need to give you a better understanding of how to utilize your minis.

It’s the best way to build, find, and share the best decks to break through the leaderboards! You can download it today on either iOS or Android.


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