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Snap Assist for Word Chums is back on Google Play!

Snap Assist for Word Chums logo

Back in 2018, we could no longer support Snap Assist for Word Chums on Android due to various issues. But now, we have just republished the powerful cheat app back on Google Play! With the tool, you can take screenshots of your Word Chums boards and easily import them to the app.

Then, it will automatically scan the board and show you the words with the highest-possible score! It’s the ultimate cheat app for Word Chums to ensure you get the most points every game!

You can download Snap Assist for Word Chums on Google Play here.

The Best Cheat for Word Wars!

Snap Assist for Word Wars screenshot

Introducing a new app on Android comes Snap Assist for Word Wars, built specifically for the game! With this app, you can find the highest-scoring words and know exactly where to play them. It works by automatically scanning screenshots of the game you can upload.

Then, it will detect all the words on the board and the letters you have in your tile rack. With that info, it will show you all the best words based on their letter points and the board’s bonus tiles! Plus, it shows you the specific location on the board where it can be played!

It’s truly the best way to get ahead of the game so you never miss those huge scores! Snap Assist for Word Wars is available right now for Android and will also be coming out soon on iOS.

Introducing Word Cheats

The new ultimate cheat site is here at

Screenshot graphic of the Word Cheats website

Word Cheats has tons of cheats for word and trivia games like Words With Friends, Scrabble Go, Brain Out, Braindom, and more! There are a huge amount of word lists that can be for specific games and show the score for each word.

Plus, there are helpful word-related tools like a password generator, word counter, and more. It’s the best all-in-one cheat site for word games and so much more!

New Cheat for Word Domination

A screenshot of the website Word Domination Cheat

We have just launched a new cheat website for Word Domination. This tool can be used to help you get the best possible outcome in the game so that you can win almost every time. We take the letters on your game rack and give you the best answers you can play to get the most points possible. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, Word Domination Cheat has the answers to help you! Visit the site at: