Wordimals: The Countdown is On!


Our new word game, Wordimals, is coming and it’s coming SOON!

With over 200 levels, adorable animals, and a timer to add an extra challenge — you’ll find yourself easily addicted.

Wanna be the first to play? We’ve updated our beta version with new animations and sounds! Join the fun and play today: http://www.wordimalsgame.com/beta

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Wordimals is available for Beta Testing!

Play Wordimals Now! 

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Our lastest game: Wordimals is now available for beta testing!

Wordimals is a fast-paced word game that challengers users to find the words related to the given theme. But wait — you only have 30 seconds! Can you find all the words and beat the clock?

Don’t worry: you have the option to buy a hint or extra time with your hard-earned coins! For those of you that don’t like going in order: we’ve given you keys so YOU can choose your next level!

With different categories, tons of levels, and did we mention the adorable animals? Wordimals is a word game you won’t want to miss.

Join the fun and play Wordimals today: http://www.wordimalsgame.com