blast trivia

Major Blast Trivia Updates!


We’ve been working nonstop on huge changes to Blast Trivia!  First and foremost, its thousands of questions show up far more randomly now.  While they’ve always been randomized, we made several backend changes to ensure you see more of them than you might have before.

We also updated the “short” game to use more of the questions way more often.  Those of you who enjoy multiplayer will be happy to see some tough questions back in the mix, making for some truly clutch games.

Speaking of tough questions, we’ve combed through the entire database and rewrote so many questions and answers to make them far more enjoyable to play.  In addition to proofreading them, we’ve employed the three years of game design experience we’ve acquired since Blast Trivia was first released.  The result is a fairer, more exciting test of your knowledge.

And yet, I’ve saved the best or last.  We’ve completely and utterly overhauled the iOS version of Blast Trivia!  iPad players may now enjoy the game the way it’s meant to be played, and our iPhone players get a much better looking game!  Check it out: it’s AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW ON THE APP STORE.

But that’s still not all.  We have more announcements to make in the coming months.  Blast Trivia is expanding, and we have many new things in store for you.  Stay tuned!


New website is new!

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of our new website.  You can find all our work here with links to every platform and device we support.  The forums are back online and happy to receive your suggestions, reports, and banter.  Please enjoy your visit, and be sure to check out the online versions of our popular cheat apps, Word Breaker and Hanging Helper For Friends.

Word Breaker is a tool for discovering the highest-scoring letter combinations in a number of word games.  We support Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordfeud, and more!

Hanging Helper For Friends is similar to Word Breaker, but is designed to help you win hangman games such as Hanging With Friends.

Of course, the downloadable versions of these apps are still found in the Apps and Games section along with the rest of our library of tools.

This is also the home of the highly acclaimed Blast Trivia, a questions-and-answers game à la Jeopardy with a twist: social competitive multiplayer.  Gain scores, badges, and bragging rights all while expanding your knowledge in a very fun way.  The pace is brisk, the games are short, and questions are added daily.

But we’ve only just scratched the surface.  Come back here regularly to see what new stuff we’ve been cooking up.